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An airline may have a cheap flight but what else are you getting for your buck? Some airlines may offer flights for a marginally higher fee but may include all meals and drinks or have better entertainment facilities on board. Some people would rather pay that bit more for such facilities but how do you know whats included? The best thing is to visit the airlines website or contact them directly, but if you are after a brief overview, check out our summary below:

Online/web Check-in Meals/Drinks Inc. Inflight Entertainment Roomy Seating
Virgin Blue Flights Yes No Yes for an extra fee Yes*
Qantas Flights Yes Yes Yes for an extra fee Yes*
Jetstar Flights Yes No Yes for an extra fee Yes*
Air New Zealand No Yes Yes for an extra fee Yes*
Cathay Pacific Yes Yes Yes Yes
British Airways Yes Yes Yes N/A
Thai Airways International Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etihad Airways No Yes Yes Yes

* Available for an extra fee or premium class
Please note: This is a guide only. takes no responsibility for accuracy of information that may change without notice.